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BrandCrowd logo maker Reviews
Welcome To Honest BrandCrowd logo maker Reviews

On this page, I have covered each & every aspect of BrandCrowd Website on October 2022. So that, you can make an informed purchase decision easily for purchasing any service from BrandCrowd Website.

Would you like to design a logo that can be easily customized for your business? Then The key is BrandCrowd.

Read our BrandCrowd review to learn more about its features, pricing, and pros and cons Alternative, Competitor.

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What is BrandCrowd Website?

BrandCrowd is an online logo maker website and especially it works with Graphic design websites for businesses. It aims to help users come up with top-notch logos as quickly as possible with BrandCrowd's logo maker.

In contrast to AI-based logo makers, BrandCrowd uses templates. Customers can select templates and then customize them according to their requirements to create a unique version based on their requirements.

About 65,000 templates are available on BrandCrowd. The BrandCrowd logo maker will make it easy for you to start your own business. 

It is an easy-to-use logo maker, so even those without design knowledge can use it appropriately.

You'll find a large collection of logos online in its logo library. The logos are curated and handcrafted by professional and expert designers around the world.

BrandCrowd Logo Maker Website Reviews, Pros, Cons, Pricing, Features, Alternative, FAO.
Image Credit: BrandCrowd

Reviews of the BrandCrowd:

Rather than asking if you need a logo for your business, stop asking and listen to what I have to say. You need a logo to represent your business. You can think of it as your identity and your first impression.

However, if you do not want to spend a lot of money working with a designer, I have a great solution for you.

Do you have any experience creating branding with logo makers? This short review will tell you about BrandCrowd if the answer is no. Then you can decide if your business needs a logo.

How does BrandCrowd work?

Brandcrowd allows users to create a logo, business card, cover banner, and Social media post design. Further, you are able to design menus, flyers, letters, invoices, and posters with this program. Furthermore, Designers can sell their logo on brandcrowd.

Contributors can join the platform in a minute and start selling their logo design. otherwise, Brandcrowd is simple to use and quick to create your logo. Asan Example. Let me give you this. In case you do not know how it works, You can try it for free.

In the pricing section, I will provide more details about its plans. The first you need to do is to write your business name/brand and a keyword such  as your industry

If you have chosen the design that works for your business, you can begin editing it, which is a simple process. when you're ready, You can Show your Business identity to your customers.

Pros of BrandCrowd:

  • The editing tools in BrandCrowd are easy to use.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of logo templates.
  • Your logo design may appear on social media, business cards, flyers, etc.
  • The Instagram and Facebook posts and story makers will be available to you.
  • There are free and paid plans available for the logo maker.
  • The logo can be edited and unlimited times with paid plans.

Cons of BrandCrowd:

  • Even free logos require users to enter their email addresses before editing.
  • In spite of the large number of templates available, the icon cannot be changed when editing a template.
  • For the design to be removed from the website, users must purchase an exclusive license along with the standard logo package.

    The reputation of BrandCrowd: 

    Trustpilot has over 3,600 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars for BrandCrowd.

    Customers praised the website for its ease of use and variety of design templates in most of these reviews.

    Also, customers appreciated the flexibility of editing the designs at any time and the excellent customer service.

    On Trustpilot, some customers complain that the pricing structure isn't transparent. There have been complaints that customers were not informed about the subscription structure, while others wanted free logos but were asked to pay for them.

    Pricing of BrandCrowd: 

    If you are looking for a logo for your business without spending a lot of money, BrandCrowd is definitely worth a shot.

    It's also not like their icon designs are created by artificial intelligence or other technology since they're made by freelancers.

    There is a platform where business owners, entrepreneurs, or even individuals can design a logo with a premium design without any technical skills. Let's see how much BrandCrowd costs:

    Starting with: $15/month
    Model of pricing: Subscription
    Has a free Trial: Yes

    Click here to create BrandCrowd Account.

    Conclusion about BrandCrowd:

    The world of logo design has been revolutionized by BrandCrowd. I mentioned at the beginning of this review how important it is to have a logo for your business. In relation to customers, this element represents the brand's identity.

    You can use over 22,000 icons designed by freelance designers on BrandCrowd because it is easy to use. 

    When I compare BrandCrowd's design level with that of other services, I can say that the first one is ok, maybe even good. Therefore, you have other alternatives to BrandCrowd that might be better. 

    For a quick logo design, BrandCrowd is a good choice. In any case, if you're looking for something more professional and premium, you can choose another logo maker.

    Hence, I believe BrandCrowd is a great option for small businesses and entrepreneurs that don't want to spend too much money designing a logo.

    Click here to create BrandCrowd Account.

    Which are the best alternatives to BrandCrowd?

    1. Fiverr ($5 or above)  

    2. Upwork ($10 or above)

    3. 99designs ($10 or above)

    4. Looka ($20 or above)

    5. Designhill ($20 or above)

    6. Placeit ($39.95 or above)

    7. Tailorbrands ($9.99 or above)

    8. Wix Logo Maker ($20.00 or above)

    9. SMASHINGLOGO  ($59.00 or above)

    10. DesignMantic ($37.00 or above)

    11. BrandCrowd (Free and paid)

    12. Squarespace Logo (Free)

    13. My Brand New Logo (€20.00 or above)

    14. Renderforest  (Free and paid) 

    15. ($20.00 or above)

    16. FreeLogoDesign (Free and paid)

    17. Ucraft  (Free and paid)

    18. Logogenie ($24.90 or above)

    BrandCrowd vs Fiverr What is best for logo maker? 

    BrandCrowd is an online logo maker website. And Fiverr is an online freelancing marketplace. You can find professional freelancers who create eye-catching logo for you.
    Fiverr logo charges from $10 And Brandcrowed charges $15/month for unlimited logo creation.

    BrandCrowd vs Upwork What is best for logo maker? 

    Upwork is the world's best freelancing website. Here have many professional graphics designers who create logos. And BrandCrow is an online logo maker website. Upwork start logo makes for $10. Brandcrowed charge $15/month for unlimited logo creation. 

    BrandCrowd vs 99designs What is best for logo maker?

    99desing is a graphic designer freelancing website. But 99desing service high demandable and quality full. 99 design price start for logo $10. But Brandcrowed charges $15/month for unlimited logo creation.

    BrandCrowd vs Looka What is best for logo maker?

    Looka And BrandCrowed work as similar industries, But they have price variations. Looka charges $20 for logo making And Brandcrowed charges $15/month for unlimited logo creation.

    BrandCrowd vs Designhill What is best for logo maker?

    Designhill And BrandCrowed work as similar industries, But they have price variations. Designhill charges $20 for logo making And Brandcrowed charges $15/month for unlimited logo creation.

    BrandCrowd vs Placeit What is best for logo maker?

    Placeit And BrandCrowed work as similar industries, But they have price variations.  Placeit charges $39.95 or above for logo making. And Brandcrowed charges $15/month for unlimited logo creation.

    BrandCrowd vs Tailorbrands What is best for logo maker?

    Tailorbrands And BrandCrowed work as similar industries, But they have price variations.  Tailorbrands charges $9.99 or above for logo making. And Brandcrowed charges $15/month for unlimited logo creation.

    FAQ >

    BrandCrowd Is safe for logo makers?

    The BrandCrowd logo design platform is safe to use. This tool is ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses, and freelancers to create their visual identity. Additionally, BrandCrowd allows you to print your logo on a variety of items.

    BrandCrowd offers what kind of plans?

    There are two paid options for this logo maker, a premium and a standard plan. You can choose from a variety of formats and a higher resolution for your logo if you choose the standard plan.

    Additionally, you will receive the logo source file and color variations. Compared to the standard plan, the premium package plan offers more features. All the features of the standard plan are included, plus unlimited social media graphics and logo versions.

    Is BrandCrowd's logo copyrighted?

    The standard license provided by BrandCrowd gives you nonexclusive rights, meaning you may use it for both commercial and noncommercial purposes. The exclusive license can be purchased by someone who wants to acquire the full intellectual property rights.

    Can I use BrandCrowd for free?

    Users can create a customized logo design for free using BrandCrowd's logo maker toolSeveral free designs are available on the website, but most templates must be purchased before they can be purchased.

    What is the process for purchasing a BrandCrowd logo?

    BrandCrowd Logo Maker makes it easy to create your Purchase logo.

    1. Choose a purchased logo. Or update your search to find a new purchase logo.
    2. Customize the logo of your purchase.
    3. Your purchase logo is available for you! Get your purchase logo and share it with the world!

    How can I access a logo for free from BrandCrowd?

    1. Choose a free logo template from BrandCrowd.
    2. Then enter your email address and click the Continue button.
    3. Select the logo you want to edit and click on the Continue button.
    4. Choose Standard Logo Package.
    5. Get free access to your logo design.

    What are the benefits of using BrandCrowd?

    Well-designed logos usually attract audiences to your brand. Designing a logo is a matter of choosing what you want and how you want it. Who knows your brand better than you? Of course, no one. 

    If you want to design your own logo using BrandCrowd's logo maker, it's hands down the best logo maker out there. Templates are available in an insanely large library. No matter what your niche is, you can be sure of getting top-quality logo designs that you can easily customize.

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    What is The best way to create a logo that you will love for your purchase?

    The BrandCrowd website offers hundreds of customizable purchase logos. You can create a perfect purchase design by following these steps:

    1. Visit our logo library to browse professionally designed purchase logos.
    2. Choose a design you like and change the colors, fonts, and layout.
    3. You can your purchase logo instantly once you're happy with it.

    How do you create a beautiful purchase logo?

    The BrandCrowd logo maker makes it easy to create a purchase logo. however, ensuring that these design elements are correct will make sure it's perfect. Choosing a purchase logo that represents your brand, makes you easier to remember, and gives people a sense of what you do should be your goal. 

    Your purchase logo must be designed in the right colors, layout, fonts, and shapes to be a standout from the competition.

    Can you get a transparent version of the logo you purchased?

    Yes, of course! When you  purchase logo in PNG format, a transparent version is included. For your convenience, we'll provide a version of your logo with a transparent background for use on your website even if you choose a solid background for your purchase logo.

    Why does brandcrowd have an average to good trust score?

    In our opinion, brandcrowd is a legitimate and safe website for consumers to use. ScamAdviser is an automated algorithm that determines whether a website is legit and safe or not. 40 facts were analyzed from public sources online to review brandcrowd

    This includes checking whether the website is listed on phishing and spam websites, whether it serves malware, the country where the company is located, and reviews found elsewhere.

    Looks like a safe website. However, as the website analysis is automatic, we always recommend doing your own check to ensure the website is safe.

    BrandCrowd works with what types of users and organizations?

    There are five types of users and organizations that BrandCrowd works with: Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, Enterprises, Freelancers, Nonprofits, and Governments.

    How to cancel a Brandcrowd subscription? 

    Depending on how you signed up, you can cancel Brandcrowd subscriptions and auto-renewal at any time. Subscriptions can also be canceled through the Brandcrowd website if you subscribed directly there. 

    You'll have to cancel using your phone if you signed up with a Google account or Apple ID. There are some apps that make it difficult to cancel your membership, hoping that users will get frustrated with the process and keep their subscription, but you can always cancel your subscription and auto-renewal.

    Whether you want to end your subscription or turn off auto-renewal, we will guide you through the process.

    The process of canceling your Brandcrowd membership should only take a few minutes. You'll just have to remember how you registered for Brandcrowd. If you want to cancel Brandcrowd, there are four ways to do so. Try them out in order if you aren't sure which one applies to you.

    What steps do you follow to cancel a Brandcrowd subscription? 

    1. Go to the Brandcrowd website using any web browser. 
    2. On the top-right corner, click the downward-pointing arrow and then click Account.
    3. In the "Manage Subscription" section of the page, click "Cancel Subscription" and confirm that you wish to cancel.

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