Is DesignHill Legit or Safe? DesignHill logo maker Reviews & Alternatives 2023.

DesignHill logo maker Reviews
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On this page, I have covered each & every aspect of DesignHill Website on 2023. So that, you can make an informed purchase decision easily for purchasing any service from DesignHill Website or If you need specific information. you can visit the top Table of content.

What is DesignHill Website?

DesignHill Work at logo maker and freelance service website. DesignHill offers affordable custom designs to business owners through its online design marketplace. 

For businesses that need specific design services such as logo design, web design, stationery design, packaging design (more than 35 different categories), etc.

Design contests can be held on the website and designers from around the world can submit their designs.  

Designed as both a marketplace for crowdsourced custom designs and a creative platform to showcase their work, it combines the best of both worlds.

The DesignHill crowdsourcing platform launched in 2014 and offers services to both large and small companies. You can source high-quality artwork from independent artists and professional designers via the marketplace.

Designers from many different countries work for the company. Their website advertises that they have more than 120,000 designers and artists from over 52 countries on their team. 

The crowdsourcing platform lets businesses get creative designs from different artists and choose their favorites. It similar to DesignCrowd

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Is DesignHill Legit or Safe? DesignHill logo maker Reviews & Alternatives.
Image credit: DesignHill 

What is the DesignHill Process?

It operates similarly to many other marketplaces that offer creative crowdsourcing services. The process at DesignHill is simple and easy to complete if you have a project to complete.

Almost any type of project can be handled by their artists. Among other things, they can design logos, websites, PowerPoint presentations, advertisements, illustrations, and graphics.

Throughout their creative process, they follow four steps. You will need to create an account with DesignHill before you can do anything. It's time to get started on your project once you've made it.

1. Creating a design brief is the first step >

It is important that you complete a brief when submitting your project to DesignHill so that the artists will know what you are looking for. In order for the artists to provide you with what you need, you should provide as much information as possible.

As soon as you complete the brief, you will begin your design contest. The artists will begin sending you their artwork in response to your brief.

2. Take a look at the submissions and ask for revisions >

The designs submitted to your design contest can be browsed as the contest progresses. Any revisions you request can be made by the artist. The artwork might be fine for you, but you wish to see it in a different color scheme.

3. Choose the winner and get your design >

Having chosen your favorite design, you declare it the winner, and then you won't receive any more submissions. If you choose the winner, the artist will send you the original file, editable file, and print file. 

4. Ensure that you are 100% satisfied >

Upon receiving your final artwork, make sure you are satisfied with it. DesignHill offers a money-back guarantee.

About DesignHill Logos Process >

DesignHill crowdsources logo requests for a significant portion of its projects. DesignHill's design contests are often used by businesses and entrepreneurs to find their forever logo.

After starting a project, the company advertises that you will receive more than 70 logo designs in just one week.

Their talent pool also includes over 70,000 professional logo designers. You can also purchase packages that include social media versions of your logo or a full logo stationery set when you run a logo design contest.

On DesignHill, logo design follows the same process as other project types. The submissions must be accompanied by a custom brief, after which you should pick the artwork you like the best.

On their website, you can also make a logo for free. Such as BrandCrowd. You can create a free logo using its design tools. 

What is a DesignHill design contest?

DesignHill Design contests are competitions among graphic designers and artists. In terms of creative development, it is the newest approach. It is believed that the competition encourages artists to give 100%, which results in the best designs for the customer. In addition, competitors can give you feedback so you can ensure your design is perfect.

How does DesignHill design contests work?

  • The contest holder selects the design category they wish to enter.
  • An intuitive on-boarding process allows them to submit their design brief.
  • A contest is launched after they choose a package.
  • Designhill designers from around the world submit designs that meet contest briefs and compete for the prize.
  • The contest holder provides feedback through star ratings, comments, and private messages.
  • Their favorite design is awarded as the winning design.
  • Prize money is awarded to the winning designer, and the contest holder gets the design files, as well as the full copyright.

How can a DesignHill design contest be run successfully?

1. Make sure you complete the brief correctly the first time >

It is common for these artists to turn your vision into artwork that is exactly what you envisioned. If you give them more information than they need, they will be able to do this. Ensure your specifications are concise and clear in the brief. It is also more likely that better designers will be attracted to projects with more developed briefs.

2. Your profile should be personalized >

To give you a design that feels customized to your business, these artists want to learn about your business. Your profile will make the most impact on their first impression. Artwork that feels like it came from your company will be created by an artist if the information is detailed.

3. Keep in touch and provide feedback >

You should take advantage of DesignHill's feedback and revision function for all submissions. Changing the color scheme of a submission may make you like it. Your artwork will be high-quality if you provide feedback and request revisions.

4. On your DesignHill projects, choose the standard package or higher >

The different packages offer different levels of designers, but I'm not sure how they quantify it. There are a variety of them, from good to great to exceptional. In my opinion, the designers on the lower packages are less qualified to produce stunning artwork for your contests.

5. Your contest will be more successful if you invite participants >

Unfortunately, DesignHill charges for this function, but it still has a significant impact on your contest's outcome. You will feel more appreciated and respected for the skills of the artists you invite. You can also expect them to do their best to meet your expectations.

DesignHill Website Reviews >

There are a lot of graphic design and graphics marketplaces available online, but Designhill is one of the best. They do offer both one-to-one design contracts as well as ready-made logos (for as little as $49). 

A major feature of their platform is their design contests, which enable clients to submit design requests and receive proposals from several designers. In comparison to the traditional method of hiring a single designer or agency, this method gives buyers a greater chance of getting the perfect design. 

This Designhill review can help you decide if this is the right site for you out of the several that offer this type of service.

Pros of DesignHill >

  • Customer ratings of 4.88/5 stars
  • A ready-made logo can be purchased for less than a design contest or traditional one-to-one design, and logo contests start at $199, so there's something for every budget.
  • Getting started with a free design consultation can help you define what you are looking for, and the brief process can help you get started without any commitment.
  • Before making a decision, you can poll your friends or clients.
  • While on the site, you can interact with designers in real-time and get 24/7 chat support.
  • Most packages come with a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (unless waived in a "guaranteed contest
  • There are designer rankings and awards on the website.
  • Major companies trust the platform.

Cons of DesignHill >

  • There are so many options on the site that getting started can be overwhelming.
  • On average, smaller sites receive fewer responses than larger ones.
  • Profiles and portfolios are not accessible.

The reputation of DesignHill >

The reputation of Designhill is overwhelmingly positive. According to WebsitePlanet, the platform received 4.3 stars, and Trustpilot gave it 4.9 stars. Almost all users expressed satisfaction with the site's customer service and designer selection.

People on Quora prefer it over other similar sites rated 4.51 out of 5 stars on SiteJabber.
Is DesignHill Legit or Safe? DesignHill logo maker Reviews & Alternatives.
Image credit: DesignHill 

What is the cost of Designhill?

Since Designhill offers so much, they have many different prices. Each option can be viewed on their pricing page by clicking on it. It costs $20, $65, or $125 to design a logo, depending on the guidelines you choose. 

One-to-one design projects allow you to set your own price. The designer asks you about the project and how much it will cost. There is also a 5% commission taken by Designhill.

Design contests can cost more depending on how many entries you want and how skilled the designers are. There are four prices you can choose from $249, $399, $699, and $999.

My expert opinion about designhill website >

If I were looking for other creative crowdsourcing platforms, I would look elsewhere. There are too many cash grabs in the pricing model for basic services that should already be included. 

It defeats the purpose of a design contest if you exclude some designers based on the package you buy. Crowdsourcing your logo or website landing page should give you access to a large talent pool.

That's why you get such a variety of stunning artwork, not excluding higher-rated artists just because you didn't pay more.

You can run a design contest that does not exclude artists.

What are the best alternatives designhill website?

2. Fiverr

3. Upwork

12. Placeit


Is DesignHill quick or slow?

On average, they turn around design contests within a week. All projects are advertised as having the same turnaround time. 

Within a week, you can expect over 70 designs for each project type. There are a lot of designs available after only one week of artists submitting their work. 

Is DesignHill Website legit?

Yes, of course! It is one of the largest marketplaces for creative crowdsourcing. The platform was launched in 2014 and is now a global marketplace for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations.

Is Designhill Website safe?

Yes, of course!  In order to safeguard the privacy of its users, Designhill uses encryption technology.

Is DesignHill worth It for hiring?

The answer depends on you. The advantages of crowdsourcing on DesignHill may outweigh the disadvantages of hiring a full- or part-time creative. 

There are a number of platforms that offer similar services. Shopping around isn't a bad thing.

What are the steps to create a Designhill account?

Follow the below step:

1. Visit

2. In the top-right corner, click "Join Now.".

3. Sign up with an email address and a password.

4 . Choose "I'm not a robot"

5. Then click "Sign Up.".

What is the best way to find freelancers on Designhill?

When you post a design contest. then designhill designers from around the world can submit their designs. Than Your choice is then based on which one is the Find freelancer best.

How does way you hire Designhill designer?

There are many services offered by Designhill. You can directly hire a designer. Predefined design services can be purchased. There are several design tools available on the website if you prefer to use one.

What is the process for editing a Designhill project posting?

There is no additional charge for unlimited revisions and changes at Designhill. You can ask the designers for them. 

How much does it cost to post a project on Designhill?

The cost of posting a design project ranges from $20.00 to $999.00. Depending on the type of design needed, you can find it on Designhill. 

Conclusion of DesignHill >

For all your design needs, Designhill is a great choice. This site offers a lot of choices, but sorting through them will take some time. 

If you choose to use this service, we highly recommend getting some guidance from the free consultation to determine the direction that is right for you. 

Overall We give Designhill a positive review. It offers some great design options as well. The choice is yours, whether you choose to participate in a design contest or purchase through more traditional means. 

This is not the biggest or the fanciest platform, but it offers a high level of quality with a lot of flexibility all in one place.

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Now Your Turn >

Have you worked with DesignHill before? Leave a review below if you have to help others make their hiring decision for any desinghill freelancer.

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