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On this page, I have covered each & every aspect of the Website on January 2023 . So that, you can make an informed purchase decision easily for purchasing any service from the Website or If you need specific information you can visit the top Table of content.

The major method to make money online is by selling your service. For example, if you have been a good writer, then you can create a portfolio website that showcases your work as a sample and start finding clients.
Maybe you landed on Contena as a freelancer looking for ways to make some money online.
The high probability is that you have come to this review simply to see whether you can earn $1,000 every day or if it is simply legit.
Recently, most of you have asked me to offer a conclusive review of this platform in order to determine if it's worth investing your time and money in.

Regardless of your intentions, you can count on me for honest and independent Contena reviews.

Trust me, instead of praises or dismissals of Contena, I will give a serious, independent, and honest review.

let's start :
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Overview of is totally legit. There have been thousands of people around the world who have benefited from Contena's freelancing services.

The Website provides writers, editors, and content creators with a variety of tools and training.

This website helps freelance writers find jobs online and also helps buyers who want to find  professional freelancers 
Although it offers a number of advantages, it is quite costly in comparison with other writing platforms. In my opinion, it's a great platform And its have some facilities on another competitor.

What type website? website is a contains writing platform. It was founded by Kevin Fleming.
This website offers freelance writers remote writing tasks. However, Contena charges a fee, unlike other job listing websites.
You need to sign up and pay a monthly fee before you can find a client. My first impression of this site was doubtful. 

Well, you will be able to provide your writing services online, but you have need a monthly payment fee before you earn anything.

My first impression of this site was doubtful. When you will be able to provide your writing services online, but you have to need a monthly payment fee before you earn anything.

I have long-time freelancing experience, and I haven't seen any membership fees on the websites I've registered with.

When you visit the website. You can sign up there. But you do have not to earn money as long as you do not make yourself a perfect freelancer.

Your application will not be approved if you do not meet these requirements. Due to the fact that clients pay for your services, the Clients always want to hire individuals who will give them a reasonable value for their money.

How does contaena Work?

As a beginner getting clients is very difficult. The thing is, as great and fantastic as this platform may sound, you won't make any of those passive income dollars that swirl and splash about online.

You do not Esely sign up in Contena such as other websites. You will need to wait for Kevin's email to find out when Contena will be available for sign-ups. 

Each day thousands of jobs are added to the Contena job board. You can find your dream job Essay. Because this website has listing writing job-appropriate categories. You can search for or fill your dream job in this category.  

Pricing Off Contena Website.

Overall, Feature of Contena freelance writing  platform great. But am't support this platform pricing. Because  its cost very high. Although, this website pricing high then this website helpfully for make as a experts freelance writer.

Contena offers  two payment or pricing  systems.

  1. Gold Membership 

This Price offers $500 a year.     

  1. Platinum Membership

This Price offers $800 a year.

Don’t worry,  For gold membership, you can payment for 5 time  in $129 within 1 year.

For platinum membership, you can payment for 5 time  in $199 within 1 year.

Why do I think Contena is good for you?  

Contena has many good things. It will have an interesting impact on your writing career. If you join contena as a beginner. Don't worry. You will have detected all about writing solutions on this website. 

1. Beginner training system: 

Contena training system means, contena provided writing training as the course. Through this course, you can learn how the way you start selling your writing knowledge as a successful writer. 

Please note: contena training does not mean, How to become a writer or how to write any content. Training means, How to find the client. Contena will help you grow your writing business.

2. Build trustness:

When you will want to join in contena. Your main target achieved your aim clients worldwide remotely. But when you will work with clients remotely. 

You will suffer payment factors. For example, you completed your buyer work successfully. But unfortunately, clients had vanished without making your payments.
You do not have any control because you work remotely online. 

Don't worry. contena will protection of your money as mediation. When the client ordered you. then the client needs to deposit your order money in the cantina. 

When you complete your job. And the buyer accepts your job as complete. then contena payment you.

So, you can always be free from depression and any fraud with clients 

3. Excellent customer support:

As a human, we need support to complete any task basically when we start a job as beginners. Since you will provide money. Therefore you will expect good customers support. 

Good news, Contena customer support is excellent. Now you may have a question. whey I say cantena has good support teams?  

Because I have work Experience on website. Moreover, Before writing a contena review. I visited some reputation websites. I have not found any bad reviews about contena. 

If you use contena before. And have any exprience axprience about contena. Then leave a comment to share your Experience. 

Bad side Contena :

Just as the canteen has its downsides, it has its upsides. Now I discuss bad side of contena.

1. Pricing high:

You must be payment to contana. When you purchase any writing service you must need payment them. but contana pricing level is high or another content writing website.  

Don't worry, although contena price is high content has a lot of helpful features. For every category has fix price. You can choose any category, that you like.

2. Refund policy difficulty:

For get back your money. You must be proved you complete your home work. Also you have need provide. You follow this trainer rules. If you can proved you hard word. Then contena refound you mony.

Conclusion about

Since, cantena Membership price is very costly. Then, I Leave for you some suggestions. offers a refund policy. So i recommend, You can purchase gold membership and pay for 5 time  in $129 within 1 year.

Because of this, If you cannot earn money from this website or you dont got any benefit from this website. You can stop paying for contena. 

Always remember you can refund you money  within 1 month.

I recommend you can Tri for one month.


Frequency asked question?

is contena legit or worth it?

Contena is legit website. It’s  Don’t scam. It is a content writing website for beginners or experts. Because, This website is training how to generate money by selling your skills. 

Was very difficult to find contena honest review. So I found some people who work on the contena website. I asked them about Contena.

This person's opinion, This website safe. This website will be good for you.  If you do as they say.

Who will benefit from contena?

Dear viewers, If you target long time  earning.  And want to building long time earning site. And if have mindset full time work as a professional writing freelancer. Then contena suitable for you.


How much money can you earn from contena?

You can earn money From contena by two ways. one selling your writing skills or affiliates.
Since, you visited  my page. I understand  that you want to sell writing skills.
This question  is very difficult. That, how much money you can earn. It is natural to ask this question in your mind. Because you are going to invest in this website.
Earning depends on your hard work. Mainly depends on this buyer project. Such as a buyer ordering you  $10 for 500 word writing. then your earning is so small.
If the buyer order you for long budget then your will be handsome. Its totally depend on your bucketing. website have many buyer and also teach you how get client. But getting order total depends on you.
Always remember you must pay Although,  you're earning large or small.

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