Blakify Review & Appsumo Lifetime Deal।। Do not pay until you see this.

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On this page, I have covered each & every aspect of the Website in January 2023 . So that, you can make an informed purchase decision. If you need specific information you can visit the top Table of conten

Do you need text to speech generator software? So that, you can get Realistic voice. 

You can find many text to speech generator online. But you Don't get too much Realistic voice generator. 

Then is your perfect solution. Because Youtube didn’t monetize any Al-generated voice. But if you use blakify voice. You can easily monetize your youtube channel. 

Why does YouTube monetize blakify voice? Because blakify AI voice soo realistic and natural. 

You couldn’t compare Is AI voice or not? So, you can use this in any Industry. Such that,  any social media, podcasts, video presentations, audiobooks, etc.

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Let's see the full review.
Blakify Review & Appsumo Lifetime Deal

What is website? is AI power Software , This generate any text to voice. You can generate 70 languages and 600 real sick and natural voice from this website.

Since, It's a natural voice. So you can use this, YouTube, audiobook, podcast,  video presentation, or any social media. 

It’s too natural, So that people or any platform bot could not detect this voice.

Feature of has great features. Great thing, Because, you can use this voice in multiple regions. I can try to discuss it part by part. Let's see below;

1- Create a content:

This feature is suitable for people who can't read. Think you want to announce something but many of people can't read. then blakify is your perfect solution. You can generate 70 language voices.

2- Make Audiobooks– 

Audiobooks  are popular in the world. You can use this, make audiobooks. You can make wonderful things from these features.

3- E- learning 

You can create an E- learning course. Such as, presentation, class courses. Using this website you can generate a natural and realistic voice. So make these e-learning courses. It will save you time and money. If you want to create e-learning courses then blakify is best for you.

4- Telephony

It's a great feature, You can customize your script just in a second. So that, you will save your time.

5- Voiceover

You can easily generate voice over from this platform. We need to generate voice over any online purpose. By making voice overs we lose our valuable time and are costly. So, you can use this platform to do voice-overs.

6- Securely stored

Using this platform you can store your text to speech voice. At any time you can edit your file. and generate a new voice.

7- Audio formats 

Using these features, you can generate high quality audio files and save this by one click. You can easily generate and easily convert mp3s or Wavs. 

Read More About Blakify Features!

Pros of

  • Use unlimited world
  • You can add background music 
  • Voice speeds up and down 
  • Generate 700 human voice

Cons of 

  • This platform suitable for specific sentence or word 
  • Tune could not be adjusted

Pricing of offers a free trial for 3 days. 
Lite Plan (29.99 per month, unlimited  Storage, 1 Million Characters)

Pro Plan (59.99 per month, unlimited Storage, 5 Million Characters) 

Elite Plan (99.99 per month, unlimited storage, 5 Million Characters)

More details see picture  
 Blakify Review & Appsumo Lifetime Deal।। Do not pay until you see this.
Blakify Review & Appsumo Lifetime Deal।। Do not pay until you see this.

Benefit of Appsumo

For this Appsumo Deal you can get lifetime access for one time payment of $67 
This deal catalog:

This deal Benefit:

  • Best text to speech Feature unlimited categories
  • Generate unlimited voices with no limitation 
  • Download unlimited files with no limitation
  • No storage limit
  • You can use multivoice
  • You can you use background Music
  • You can use commercially per pose

Conclusion of blakify 

blakify is one of the best text to speech generator softwar. That generat realistic and natural voice. 
you can't find any text to speech generator software. This generate has support 60+ language and 600+ voice. 
You can use this voice any commercial use, or personal or funny per pose.
I recommend it and for save mony visit blakify life time deal

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